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Wallace Detroit Guitars Teams Up With Jeep For Century-old Wooden Automobile Brand Electric Guitar


If, by some absurdly miraculous coincidence, your top three passions in life are Tele-style electric guitars, Jeep cars, and the city of Detroit, you stand an incredible chance, as a new six-string – branded with the giant’s logo. American automobile – has just been made available for pre-order.

Wallace Detroit Guitars is the mastermind behind the Jeep-branded, hand-engraved special six-string, which also includes the Jeep version of the US Army Star on the front and a topographic map of Detroit.

What makes the six-string special is the fact that, in addition to the Jeep logo, the guitar itself was constructed from recycled old pine wood from a range of abandoned historic buildings throughout town. .

Guitar Jeep Wallace Detroit Guitars

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To maintain the vintage vibe, historic stains, nail holes and scars in the wood will all be left untouched, with each guitar handcrafted to order featuring entirely unique wood characteristics due to the sourcing process.

Along with the pine body, the guitar features a Michigan forest maple neck and fingerboard, chrome hardware with a traditional bridge and control layout, and a white rimmed pickguard. luxury beveled.

Another Jeep iconography can be found on the neck humbucker, which sports the brand’s seven-slot grille graphic. The humbucker is associated with a single coil bridge pickup.

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Guitar Jeep Wallace Detroit Guitars

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Guitar Jeep Wallace Detroit Guitars

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Guitar Jeep Wallace Detroit Guitars

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Commenting on the background surrounding the unique ax, Mark Wallace of Wallace Detroit Guitars commented, “Everyone whose grandfather had to fix a Jeep when it was shot down in WWII has come back to Detroit and got down. at work to make them the best vehicles possible.

“My grandfather, when he was training men in Oklahoma during World War II (before being sent to France), requisitioned a Jeep one weekend and drove it a few hundred miles to see my Grandmother.

“The jeep had been hit during a training exercise and it was not going straight down the road, so they burned the tires at a pretty alarming rate. Grandpa knew this, but the alignment issue was also the reason the Jeep was available this weekend, so he stuffed the rear with tires he collected and just changed them every time he got it. ‘he had a rash.

“It’s the kind of tenacity people associate with Jeep and the people who drive them. And that’s the kind of grain Detroit has. We are not giving up. “

Each guitar is handcrafted in Detroit, with each iteration promising to contain unique natural quirks due to the nature of the Detroit Packard Auto Old wood grain pattern.

To celebrate the release, Detroit-based rock band Detroit Dreamers released Dreamers – a piece of which the clip presents the Jeep brand ax.

The model itself is available for pre-order now for $ 2,900.

To learn more, visit Wallace Detroit Guitars.