Electric guitar

Spitfire Audio Electric Guitar VST collection is now available for free download

Image credit: Spitfire Audio

Treat yourself to not just a free guitar plugin, but a whole collection of electric guitar sounds from LABS.

The brilliant minds at Spitfire Audio have done it again. the LABS plug-in for electric guitars gives you all the guitar tones you could want, from indie pop to classic rock – and it’s available for nothing.

LABS is a series of free software instruments, added constantly, and the electric guitar samples are the latest additions. The collection is curated by engineers and guitarists Dino Pollano, Keith Theodosiou and Leo Wyatt.

Like all Spitfire Audio plugins, the Guitar VST is easy to use.

LABS instruments look and sound so impressive, there must be a catch. The thing is, there isn’t. The entire library is available free of charge; Check it here. Spitfire Audio wants to break down the barriers of music production, so anyone can have a go, regardless of their financial situation or production skills.

All LABS instruments run off the same plugin – you need to create an account and download the Spitfire Audio app to install, but it’s also free. The plugin is compatible with all major DAWs.

The electric guitar collection is available in VST2, VST3, AAX and AU formats.

Grab it for free here.