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Oneonta Guitar releases Stanley Clarke’s Spellcaster Bass –


Oneonta Guitar has announced the release of Stanley Clarke’s signature Spellcaster Bass, a unique instrument that brings a completely Stratocaster-style design approach to a bass format.

The bass itself features a 30.5-inch scale, along with a sunburst-finished alder body, maple neck, and 25-fret rosewood fingerboard. In keeping with Stratocaster tradition, there are three pickguard-mounted single-coil pickups, as well as a vintage four-saddle Strat-style tremolo system.

Other electronic components include a master volume control knob and two tone controls. Additional flexibility is added in the form of a mini switch that can be used to engage all pickups or just the neck and bridge pickups.

For added novelty, an inverted head and vintage Strat-style tremolo system also make the cut, the latter featuring individual saddles for each string.

The bass was apparently originally slated for release by Fender, as Clarke put it. MusicRadar in 2018 that “I built a new bass that looks like a Stratocaster; Fender is going to release it.

However, it looks like the collaboration failed and the bass is now released by Oneonta Guitars. In kind, the prototype headstock – a 1964 Stratocaster style inverted headstock – has been updated with an original design on Oneonta Guitars.

The guitar costs $ 1,635. Learn more at

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