Electric guitar

Manuel Gardner Fernandes takes the percussive electric guitar to new heights with the stunning Right Hand King

In late 2019, unprocessed guitar luminary and Instagram star Manuel Gardner Fernandes made headlines when now-friend Jared Dines claimed that “hands don’t slip like that.” We’re here to say, uh, yes, they definitely do, and this jaw-dropping performance from new track, Right Hand King, is definitive proof of that.

In the single-take video, Fernandes takes his trademark percussive mutes to new heights with a volley of right-hand rapid-fire mutes, while delivering tapped slides and a host of melodic hooks.

And for anyone doubting Manuel’s enviable abilities, we’ve included the video along with the raw audio below.

As for how he honed his abilities, Gardner says, “I started playing metal as a kid and I already started playing low kicks back then. After that, I kind of started combining Latin styles, and at some point I wanted to incorporate sounds and dead notes. I figured out a way to play it as fast and tight as possible to make it sick.

Although he insists he doesn’t have much of a warm-up routine for superhuman performances like these, Gardner had some proven hardware for the clip: the Synergy TDLX module, paired with Guitar Rig 5 and his beloved Ibanez AZ, as well as an unconventional secret formula.

“For the weird octave stuff in the fingerpicking part, I used Ableton to transpose up an octave,” he reveals. “The sound of this DAW is super dry, clear and bizarre.”

Oh, and before you ask, Right Hand King was planned long before his pal Tim Henson released his own “God Hand” video, so there’s no competition here.

You can, however, see the pair pounce on Unprocessed’s recent banger, Real, which features Henson and Polyphia bandmate Clay Gober. Watch it below.