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How To Make Marceline’s Ax Bass Guitar From ‘Adventure Time’


Leave it to a Vampire Queen to transform a family heirloom from a battle ax into a playable bass guitar.

Half Demon, Half Human Marceline Abadeer on “Adventure Time” is a 1003 year old vampire who seems to care more about his bass than most humans.

In the last episode of “DIY Prop Shop”, DIY animator Odin abbott explains how to build the ax-shaped bass just like the one Marceline plays on “Adventure Time”.

Instead of crafting it out of foam like any of the previous props made on the Web Series, Abbott kitbash an electric bass guitar kit, so the finished product is a playable prop.

The process seems relatively straightforward. Abbott saws and glues the shape of the wooden bass into a shape more like Marceline’s favorite musical instrument. With the bass painted and the extra details added, the instrument can be put together like a large puzzle.

Once the bass is over, Abbott invites a special guest YouTuber and musician Danny Secretion to try it out with an impromptu concert.

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