Bass guitar

Fernanda Lira from Crypta serves up a searing bass guitar set of the incredibly heavy Dark Night of the Soul

With their first album Echoes of the Soul – arrived on June 11 of this year – the Brazilian / Dutch quartet Crypta is establishing itself as one of the most promising groups in death metal.

Their versatility is showcased throughout the LP, whose highlights include the melodic electric guitar arpeggios of Possesses, the explosive chaotic rhythms of famine and the sickening trampling of Under the black wings.

And this eclectic mix of musical characteristics is perfectly encapsulated on the album’s penultimate track, Dark night of the soul. It is a song that highlights the guitar work of Sonia Anubis and Tainá Bergamaschi, supported by the formidable bass playing of the five-string singer Fernanda Lira.

Lira joins Bass player and Guitar world today – brandishing his Aristides 050 – for an exclusive reading of the track, refocusing this spotlight on his frantic yet ultra-precise bass guitar antics.

“All of my basslines are intentionally designed to be straightforward because I always think of live performance,” says Lira.

“I combine the bass with the vocals and I also think about the stage presence, so I try to create them according to the needs of the songs. I create them in a simple and straightforward way so that the full performance is as precise as possible to the album. “