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Best Electric Guitar Stands on Amazon (2021 Review)


If you are a guitarist, electric guitar stands are an essential part of your gear. Whether you play a bass, mid-range, or high-end guitar, having an appropriately sized stand to support your instrument is crucial. However, electric guitars are so versatile that it can be difficult to know which size stand is best for your guitar’s unique setup. You should also consider your pickguard, neck, pegs, accessories, and the weight of the rack. It can all get a bit overwhelming. We are here to help you. Our goal is to make shopping easier for you. If you just want to buy a stand for guitar practice or store your guitars in a bedroom, check out our top picks in the product list above. But if you need more detailed information on choosing an electric guitar stand, including how much you need to pay, read on.

What are the tips for finding the right electric guitar stand?

Make sure you buy a guitar stand that is right for you. If you want to play in a full band, you will need a stand that can best hold your instruments. Measure your guitar to find the best bracket size for it. It should be at least a foot wider than your instrument and as long as your neck. Take into account the weight of your stand. You don’t want a heavy stand because your electric guitar will sit on a hardwood floor. Check if the guitar you buy can be placed at any level. This is important if you plan to place it on carpeted floors.

What Should I Consider When Buying an Electric Guitar Stand?

We could go on and on about the different aspects of electric guitars, but you get the gist of it here. First, you need to choose your power source: either batteries or AC adapters. Batteries are obviously the most practical choice. If you are a dedicated gamer who has a huge collection of power, a battery is the way to go. They are also more expensive, and if you have a big guitar this could end up being a problem (especially if your setup is already very tight). AC adapters are a good compromise, although they don’t offer the same level of flexibility as batteries. Your electric guitar should lie flat when not in use (not on its side, obviously). It’s pretty much universal, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a mount that does this. The neck of an electrical device should rest squarely on the floor, which means you can’t mount it on a wall or anything. Most electric necks are staggered, with the nut and saddle slightly forward. A staggered neck is best when playing hard or fast over bumps or rough areas, as it makes it easier to achieve a firm strumming motion.

What is the price of electric guitar stands?


The cheapest electric guitar stands cost from $ 20 to $ 40. For that price, the stand will be a basic, no-frills piece of furniture that may not have a cable trigger.


In the $ 50 to $ 100 range, you will find a greater variety of stands for electric guitars. The build and material quality will likely be better, and you might find freestanding models at this level.

Expensive (and most desirable)

The most expensive stand you can find for an electric will cost anywhere from $ 100 to over $ 300. These mounts will not only hold your guitar, but will also include other accessories such as amps, cables, amp and guitar mounts, standalone turntables, case, strap, rack, cable box, bag or a support. It should have more features, such as built-in speakers and headphone jacks, than a cheaper stand.

How do you choose your selection of the best electric guitar stands?

When deciding which electric guitar stands are the best to buy, there are three key factors you need to consider. These are the brand, the price and the reviews.


When selecting our products, we always take into account brands known for their quality. We select brands with many years of experience, which ensures that the products are of high quality and stand the test of time.


Price is an important factor in any purchase. To make sure that everyone can afford to get the guitar they want, it’s important to consider a wide price range. For this reason, our list offers you a range with a variety of price options, so that everyone can find the perfect guitar stand for them.


Reviews are essential in helping us make the right choice when purchasing a product like a guitar, so we seek the reviews of customers who have already experienced the benefits of purchasing these guitar stands. These reviews help us understand how the stands are great for tidying, playing, touring, rehearsing, teaching, playing, training, working on projects or just spending time. .

What Features Should You Look For In Electric Guitar Stands?

You might think that an electric guitar stand is a simple purchase, but with so many options available to you, you might find some aspects of choosing the ideal stand to be a bit tricky. Some of these features are:


No one wants to stand on a flat surface when playing their guitar. An adjustable guitar support surface makes it easy to adjust the height and angle so your guitar is in the exact position you want it to be. It makes the experience more enjoyable and engaging.


The metallic material used in guitar stands is critical to the overall performance of the stand. Choose a metal stand made of a quality material such as stainless steel. A solid metal guitar stand is extremely strong and reliable.


If you prefer something more natural and beautiful, then a wooden guitar bag is the way to go. Whether you choose natural cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, or any other wood material, the choice is yours.

Lock system

For secure, high-quality performance, an adjustable stand with locking mechanisms is essential. It locks into position once set. In some models, this lock can be operated via a rotary dial, while others have a push button release.

About the electric guitar stand

An electric guitar stand can be an expensive purchase, so it’s important to find one that you can afford. Some electric guitar stands are also a bit more expensive than others, which can make it difficult to decide which option is best for you. While there are some basic specifications that you should take into account when purchasing an electric stand, there is a whole world of options that will make your guitar buying experience much easier. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing and using an electric guitar stand, and some of our favorites.