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Bass guitar with mobile microphone

The Shapeshifter: bass guitar with mobile microphone

DIY experimental construction 12/07/21

Most electric guitars and basses have pickups set up, with a switch to mix and merge their incoming signal – not in this case, as the ‘Shapeshifter’ bass guitar has only one movable pickup! It is an experimental project of the Brazilian Breno Juliano “Dot” who explains:

One curiosity I always had was how much the mechanics of the instrument affect the sound. The specific aspect I wanted to experiment with this time was the position of the pickup relative to the bridge or neck, so I had the idea of ​​moving the pickup along two rods so that I could choose its position at all. moment. wanted to.

He cut a hole in the body of the guitar to accommodate the construction, with the pickup being movable along the strings with other possible adjustments to bring the pickups closer or further away from them. It added a 3 position switch which allows you to choose between different circuit topologies and another 3 position switch to choose between different types of capacitors.

With no videos or audio demos we can only speculate on the sound, what do you think?

More info on the project at Hackaday:

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