Electric guitar

SASO will perform Pete Fine’s Electric Guitar Concerto | Music

You could probably count on one hand how many times the electric guitar has been part of a symphony concert, and the number would be equal if you consider how many classical composers have written for the instrument. This weekend, we experience that rare marriage of symphonic concert and rock spectacle when the Southern Arizona […]

Bass guitar

Cort introduces the A5 Plus SC single cutaway bass guitar with non-multi-scale length

Cort A5 Plus Bass SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (April 7, 2020) – In response to popular demand, Cort’s Artisan Single-Cut Bass Guitar is now available in a non-multiscale version for conventional aesthetics and playing style. The new A5 Plus SC offers the same single-cut body shape gamers love, now with a more traditional scale length they’re […]