Bass guitar

the experimental adventures of the Ampeg bass guitar

When a bass player hooks up in the studio or at a concert, he most often uses an Ampeg amp. And if they aren’t, they should be. Ampeg came to dominate the bass boosting world so completely that you’d be forgiven for thinking that was their only goal. Along with their amplifiers, however, Ampeg has […]

Electric guitar

Watch: Fender’s Extensive 2020 Electric Guitar Lineup Revealed |

NAMM 2020: Fender has drawn the curtains on its collection of electric guitars for this year. Building on the success of its American Ultra series, the brand unveiled a multitude of goodies for its fans, including retro models like the Lead and the HM Strat. Likewise, Fender’s Parallel Universe Volume 2 will feature reissues of […]

Bass guitar

How to record and mix a bass guitar in your DAW

Featuring four big thick strings tuned to the notes E, A, D and G, the electric bass guitar took center stage in the 1960s, accompanying both Motown hits and pop / rock tracks. Successive decades have brought bouncy disco octaves, rumbling dub subs, slapped machine gun basses, and more. Today’s bass guitar vocabulary is based […]

Acoustic guitar

NAMM 2020: Taylor Guitars 2020 Winter NAMM New Model Line

EL CAJON, California January 9, 2020 – Today Taylor Guitars is pleased to announce that it has added its V-Class bracing architecture to its Grand Orchestra and Grand Symphony body styles with the release of the 618th and 818th Grand Orchestra and the K26ce Grand Symphony. Taylor has also beefed up its 200 series with […]