Electric guitar

Electric Guitar Week on MusicRadar

The world of electric guitar is an incredibly diverse source of sounds, gear, and players. It’s also a deep well of inspiration that we’ll be diving into this week to bring you the best of advice, lessons, insights and history from the world of six-string and beyond. From classic gear to timeless tips and legendary […]

Bass guitar

Product Rating: Yamaha BBP35 Broad Bass 5-String Bass Guitar – Midnight Blue

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine, issue 8 Written by Viking Platinum Yamaha is certainly a popular name in the instrument world, known for its superb craftsmanship and attention to quality control, and if I had been handed this bass blindfolded I probably would have guessed it was a Yamaha right off the bat. From […]

Acoustic guitar

Toby Hay: new music for the 12-string guitar

Toby Hay – New Music for the 12-String Guitar The state51 Conspiracy – November 1, 2019 The red kite has become something of a totem bird for the environmental movement in the UK, a flagship species in the process known since as rewilding. Its reintroduction into central Wales and the Welsh borders has been particularly […]