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Album Spotlight: Todd Albright’s 12-String Motor City Blues Thing

[ad_1] Extract from the July 2017 issue of Acoustic guitar | BY DERK RICHARDSON Todd albrightDetroit Twelve String: Blues & Rags(Third man records) Everything on Todd albrightThe second “vintage” record. The eight songs Detroit twelve strings EP, the sequel to the Detroit-based guitarist’s debut LP in 2016, Fourth Floor Visitor (Jett Plastic), was released on […]

Bass guitar

Essential tips for recording bass guitar

[ad_1] Bassists are struggling. They’re always the butt of the joke, the band always put them in the back of the van, and worse yet, their tracks always end up buried in the mix – usually because no one really cared when it was time. to follow them. But it doesn’t have to be that […]