Electric guitar

CRAZY WEDNESDAY | “Rococo Variations” for orchestra and … electric guitar

LIVE FROM BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – WITH CONDUCTOR IVAN FISCHER AND THE BUDAPEST FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA August 30, 2021 | Conductor Iván Fischer received his third COVID-19 vaccine during the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s open-air concert while conducting | The world-renowned conductor aims to encourage vaccination in Hungary and raise awareness of the importance of fighting the epidemic […]

Bass guitar

IK Multimedia releases ‘MODO BASS’ virtual bass guitar instrument for Mac

As a bassist, my skin crawls a little at the thought of technology that threatens to put my brothers out of work, but IK Multimedia’s Modo Bass sounds intriguing. It’s a software recreation of a bass – or virtual instrument – ​​rather than an application that stitches recorded samples together. The company claims that MODO […]