Bass guitar

3D Printed Cello, 2-String Violin and Single-String Bass Guitar Stun the Crowds at 3D Print Week NY –

In March, published a story about a 3D printed piezoelectric 2-string violin that MONAD Studio announced it would be unveiling at MecklerMedia’s 3D Print Week NY event. Renderings of this amazing violin instantly went viral on the internet, with thousands of people sharing photos and the story of this unique instrument. For many people […]

Acoustic guitar

New equipment: Taylor’s 858E and 552CE 12 frets

By Adam Perlmutter Taylor’s 858th and 552ce Deliver Effortless Playability Twelve-string guitars are notoriously delicate instruments, especially in terms of playability and intonation, and it can be difficult to find a good one, although Taylor has gained a good reputation for its 12-string. It is therefore a satisfaction to meet not one, but two new […]