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Welcome to The U2 Zone. You’ve made the right choice! This site is dedicated to the worlds’ most innovative band: U2. For all the latest news, please check out one of the sites to your right.

Promo Shots: Canoe.ca has some new U2 promo photos online for your viewing pleasure. Check them out here
U2 for MTV: According to The Edge U2 are set to play the European MTV music awards in November in Sweden. Read more here

On The Roof Again: Thousands of eager U2 fans braved the rain today to watch (or hear) U2 perform two new songs on the roof of the Clarence Hotel in Dublin. You can watch the news coverage of the event in RealVideo at the following link:
Note: Go to the second file in the stream; the U2 coverage is about halfway through
More News Stories:
Irish Times
Canoe.ca – U2 Rocks Dublin hotel rooftop
U2 To Sing From the Rooftops again (Showbizireland.com)
According to Showbizireland.com U2 will be performing two new songs from the upcoming album All That You Can’t Leave Behind on the rooftop of the Clarence hotel tomorrow (09/27). Check out their site for more info.
New Remix: Diffusion now has a re-mix of U2’s Bad. Still available is his awesome re-mix of All I Want Is You

U2 attend Bob Dylan Party in Dublin
Pre-Order ATYCLB: Pre-Order the new U2 album All That You Can’t Leave Behind from Amazon.com.
Album Sound Clips: U2.com is now hosting 30 second soundclips from the new album. So far the songs Kite (NEW), Elevation and Walk OnWalk On are available for download. The Edge has a commentary on each song. Still available is the full soundclip for Beautiful Day.

More News…

New Material Release Dates:
1) New single for radio airplay: Sept. 1st
2) New single for public: Oct. 9th
3) New album: Oct. 31st

Important message from Bono concerning the Drop the Debt Campaign

Latest Releases
Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack
‘New Day Single’ – Wyclef Jean & Bono
‘We Will Follow’ – The U2 tribute album

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