Marching Bands Musical Instruments

Marching bands use different types of musical instruments and produce very attractive sounds and tunes. These marching bands are often requested to play music on different occassions while marching. These instruments can be transported easily and play simultaneous music. These bands use normally three types of musical instruments i.e. :

1- Brass Instruments

2- Percussion Instruments

3- Woodwind Instruments

First comes the brass instruments. Marching bands use French horn, trumpet, tuba and cornet. In this paragraph i will give you an overview of brass instruments. First comes is the French horn. This instrument produces a very unique musical sound and is a famous instrument of brass family. It is a unique instrument and is in use from last many decades. Next comes is the trumpet. Trumpet again is a very old musical instrument and had been used in the military. This instrument has undergone many changes over a period of time and has taken many shapes and varities of sound. These days it is used to produce jazz music. Tuba is the next in this family and is perhaps the largest of the instruments of this family. It is used to produce a very deep and unique sound. Cornet is the instrument that carries different valves on its body to produce different varities of sound. This instrument is perhaps the most played instrument of this family and is easy to transport.

Now the second class of instruments used by marching bands are Percussion Instruments. This paragraph will give you an overview of percussion instruments. Xylophones are the percussion instruments that produce variety of sounds with the use of long tubes. Xylophones have undergone many different changes and have produced large range of sounds. Next comes the bass drums. These bass drums are considered to be the largest in the family of drums.

Note: Now a days marching bands have also started to use electric guitars for producing a little fast musical sound and les paul special 2 is their ultimate choise as it best electric guitar under $200

The third category of instruments used in marching bands are woodwind and include the instruments that are going to be described in this paragraph. First of these instruments include Clarinet. This instrument has been used extensively in marching band performances and has adopted different changes in different times. It produces a very different melodious sound and hence is used frequently. Flutes are the next in this category and are very simple ones. Initial forms of flute were very simple and made of wood. It produces a simple unique sound and is played with mouth by holding in hands. Oboe is another simple woodwind instrument and carries 2 keys. This instrument is normally used in band performances of military bands.

Next are the Saxophones. Now these saxophones are of different types and sizes and the sound produced by these instruments is of different varities. Saxophones have also been in different changes and today there are more advanced ones with melodious tunes. Timpani is another instrument of this category and has emerged from the drum family.

One thing common in all instruments used for marching bands is that these instruments produce good sound and can be played simultaneously. Also, these instruments are easy for transportation.

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