[0.0] General information on this FAQ
{AC/M2} The U2 FAQ was started by Sergio Lucero. His last edition of the FAQ (version 0.8) was posted in 1995. After that, the FAQ was maintained by Maryann J. Stump. Her last edition (version 1.3) was posted February 1, 1998. The FAQ did not progress from that point until August, 1999, when Maryann offered the job of maintaining the FAQ to Al Clark and Matt McGee. After a great deal of time and research to update the FAQ, we debuted Version 2.0 on January 1, 2000.

0.1 What has changed since last time?
{M2} A lot. First and foremost, the outline was updated: sections and questions were changed, added, and deleted. Al and I decided it was a Sisyphian task to maintain a comprehensive list of U2-related web sites so we have chosen to remove that entirely from the FAQ. Instead, we have decided to link only to a few search engine directory listings covering U2 sites and a few of the more established fan sites with stable addresses. That’s the main thing we removed. We also added new questions in almost each section of the FAQ, and added new sections to reflect what the band’s been doing since the last release of the official FAQ.

0.2 How can I suggest a new question and/or answer?
{M2} If you want to make an addition to the FAQ, e-mail us at faq@atu2.com. Please do NOT quote the full text of the FAQ in your message. Don’t be concerned if you don’t receive a reply immediately. Although this is the FANS’ FAQ, not all questions and suggestions will be included. The FAQ isn’t designed to be a comprehensive history of everything the band has ever said or done publically … it is a resource for answering “frequently asked questions.” We’ll do our best to determine when a question becomes “frequently asked.”

0.3 Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?
The FAQ can be found on the web at u2faq.com and at the WIRE Mailing List Archives site. New information will be added to the FAQ on an as-needed basis, and reminders of the FAQ’s location and news of any updates will be posted monthly to the U2 newsgroups and various fan mailing lists.

{SL} The facts mentioned in this FAQ are unofficial. Do not bet your house on whatever you find here. Hopefully, with time these facts will all be verified and we might just be able to include a 100% truth certificate. This information is provided ‘as is’ for public use and enjoyment. Please address all corrections to the maintainer of the list and not to Wire or the newsgroups, as the maintainer has no time to check them all. All answers appear credited, and attributed to their original poster when it is possible.

{MJS} The FAQ can be quoted, copied, posted and linked to websites, used as wallpaper and whatever else may seem appropriate at the moment EXCEPT using it without attribution and/or selling it. The FAQ is the work of literally hundreds of U2 fans; have a little class and give them credit if you intend to use their work.