Autonomous Bad Payers Loans

Autonomous Bad Payers Loans: often not easy to obtain, but not impossible. When discussing the options are somewhat limited because this type of workers, unlike the employees (both public sector and the private) can not count on the TFR collateral (Indemnity) of bad payers loans for self-employed or on the presence of a fixed salary with which to be able to guarantee the repayment of the loan.

Loans to bad paying craftsmen

Loans to bad paying craftsmen

For bad paying artisan loans, unfortunately exactly the same is true of self-employed workers. When this category of workers is registered, unfortunately, in the register of the same name, the gates of credit become decidedly restricted.

The only concrete alternatives become that of requesting loans with exchanges or loans with an extra guarantee, such as a guarantee or a real guarantee (for example the rent deriving from a property owned).

Loans changed

The particularity of the loans changed is that of being granted only through the signature of bills of exchange, executive securities easily collectible by the lender in the event of default.

Self-employed workers and craftsmen who have practically no other choice often turn to this type of financing. The characteristic of these loans is precisely the presence of bills to act as collateral, which is an executive title that allows the bank or the financial company, in the event of default, to take back the sum of money due to them in a short time.

Loans guaranteed by guarantee or collateral

Loans guaranteed by guarantee or collateral

In this second case, the loan is guaranteed by the presence of a guarantee or a real guarantee (such as a property owned).

The surety, or personal guarantee, is granted by a third party (usually a family member or relative) who undertakes to repay the loan in the event that the first debtor does not pay.

The collateral can instead be given by a mortgage on a property owned, such as a house.

Loans for bad payers without collateral

Not having one of the guarantees listed above makes it particularly difficult to be able to obtain a loan if you are registered in the bad pay register.

The point is simple: it is not possible to give the finance company or the bank sufficient guarantees to obtain the loan, which leads to the refusal of any requests.

The alternatives: a credit card with a credit line

The alternatives: a credit card with a credit line

There are some banks that could issue credit cards with credit to bad payers and protestors, even self-employed. Among the many, we invite you to read our review of Astro Finance ‘s credit line.

This type of card allows you to have a credit to be used if necessary (usually up to about 5,000 dollars) and to be repaid in a single sum or in various monthly amounts.

Between the two repayment solutions, we strongly recommend the first because it is interest-free since the second involves the payment of a certain interest (usually higher than traditional loans).

Unsubscribing from the bad pay register is the best solution

Obviously, solving the root problem is the best solution of all, since it allows you to free yourself from any “chain” that blocks the normal request for funding.

We invite you to read our guide on how to unsubscribe from the register of bad payers, paying particular attention to the timing because, if you are close to the possible cancellation and you can wait to request a loan, it is better to wait for this cancellation and then proceed to request a classic personal loan or an online loan.

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