Month: May 2019

Significant Decline In New Home Sales

Were professionals right to fear a collapse of the real estate market after the decisions announced by the government in its latest finance law? If real estate agents could legitimately fear that the restrictive measures concerning access to the zero-rate loan 2012 make it difficult to buy a principal residence for first-time buyers, the developers
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How Do You Determine The Value Of A Property?

When buying a property, the price of the house or apartment is specified by the broker or the seller. However, whether it is the actual value, confuses many potential buyers. You therefore ask yourself the question of how the value of a property can actually be determined. Below, we will give you an idea of
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What Home Buyers Need To Know About The Price Negotiation

The price of new buildings is usually not to negotiate, because developers and similar providers of their calculations can not simply deviate. The situation is different for existing properties offered by private individuals. Here it is even normal for potential buyers and sellers to negotiate the price. However, there are numerous rumors circulating about this
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