Marching Bands Musical Instruments

Marching bands use different types of musical instruments and produce very attractive sounds and tunes. These marching bands are often requested to play music on different occassions while marching. These instruments can be transported easily and play simultaneous music. These bands use normally three types of musical instruments i.e. :

1- Brass Instruments

2- Percussion Instruments

3- Woodwind Instruments

First comes the brass instruments. Marching bands use French horn, trumpet, tuba and cornet. In this paragraph i will give you an overview of brass instruments. First comes is the French horn. This instrument produces a very unique musical sound and is a famous instrument of brass family. It is a unique instrument and is in use from last many decades. Next comes is the trumpet. Trumpet again is a very old musical instrument and had been used in the military. This instrument has undergone many changes over a period of time and has taken many shapes and varities of sound. These days it is used to produce jazz music. Tuba is the next in this family and is perhaps the largest of the instruments of this family. It is used to produce a very deep and unique sound. Cornet is the instrument that carries different valves on its body to produce different varities of sound. This instrument is perhaps the most played instrument of this family and is easy to transport.

Now the second class of instruments used by marching bands are Percussion Instruments. This paragraph will give you an overview of percussion instruments. Xylophones are the percussion instruments that produce variety of sounds with the use of long tubes. Xylophones have undergone many different changes and have produced large range of sounds. Next comes the bass drums. These bass drums are considered to be the largest in the family of drums.

Note: Now a days marching bands have also started to use electric guitars for producing a little fast musical sound and les paul special 2 is their ultimate choise as it best electric guitar under $200

The third category of instruments used in marching bands are woodwind and include the instruments that are going to be described in this paragraph. First of these instruments include Clarinet. This instrument has been used extensively in marching band performances and has adopted different changes in different times. It produces a very different melodious sound and hence is used frequently. Flutes are the next in this category and are very simple ones. Initial forms of flute were very simple and made of wood. It produces a simple unique sound and is played with mouth by holding in hands. Oboe is another simple woodwind instrument and carries 2 keys. This instrument is normally used in band performances of military bands.

Next are the Saxophones. Now these saxophones are of different types and sizes and the sound produced by these instruments is of different varities. Saxophones have also been in different changes and today there are more advanced ones with melodious tunes. Timpani is another instrument of this category and has emerged from the drum family.

One thing common in all instruments used for marching bands is that these instruments produce good sound and can be played simultaneously. Also, these instruments are easy for transportation.

Grand Pop

Transcribed by Stephen Holda

In a What’s On exclusive, Sean Sennett goes to Brazil to check out U2’s PopMart extravaganza.

It’s four-o’clock in the morning and The Edge looks immaculate. Two hours earlier, U2 played Brazil’s Sao Paulo soccer stadium to 85,000 of the faithful. It was an intense performance. During the show helicopters circled the arena – maybe 20m above the outer circle.

The throngs’ focus on the band was so extreme, it was as if they barely noticed. The bulk of the audience arrived at the venue seven hours before showtime. For a country that suffers such extremes in wealth, and despite the extravaganza they witnessed, the event somehow reinforced the emotional kick, and universal appeal of the group’s latest tour, Popmart.

Ensconced in the makeshift dressing room, The Edge sports a moustache-distinctly bandito. He’s wearing a leopard-print shirt and an oversized straw cowboy hat. The only straight guy in the Village People? You’d be forgiven for thinking as much. Despite the humidity, there’s not a drop of sweat on him. He bums a cigarette and gets down to business.

Popmart itself is big business. For the tour, U2 has created the biggest television set in the world. It looms behind the band every night. The group performs under a huge golden arch which carries the largest orange PA system you’re ever likely to see. Ever seen a 35m toothpick, lancing a giant olive? How about the world’s largest lemon which doubles as a mirrorball?

Rest assured, U2 still likes to glam it up. In many ways Popmart goes beyond the group’s previous ZooTV tour. ZooTV attacked the senses with the shock of the new. The seamless mix of old and new songs featured on the Popmart tour go straight for that delicate spot behind the rib cage, and slightly to the left. Popmart fuses images from the pop-art world with U2’s brand of pop music.

Three years ago, critics were expecting U2 to go quietly. In retaliation, the band has become bigger and badder than ever.

“We’re not interested in doing the safe thing,” says The Edge. “We want to do the most vital, most challenging, most inspiring things. To do the things that we never have done before is really important. In some ways, it’s the only reason to do anything. That’s where we live.”

Regardless of the extreme visual set, the show carries a certain humility. It’s carried in that direct emotional quality apparent from the opening bars of Mofo, through to whatever the band chooses to close with.

The themes are timeless – love, loss, pride, passion and, ultimately, redemption of sorts. Refering to the new stage design, bassist Adam Clayton says the group’s playing is “the heart under the arch.”

“Music that impresses us isn’t that interesting,” says The Edge. “Music that connects in some way, well, that’s something You’re not sure why it is or what makes one song mean everything, while another means nothing. But that’s the magic of music. For us, in the end, the show is about music. That’s what we set out to do in the very beginning. When we were putting this show together, we always saw that at the heart of it would be the music, and the songs themselves.”

The group may have changed substantially since the days of The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum-but it has still got soul. The band’s most recent release, Pop, might now feature drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. inflicting a trip-hop groove or two, but it has stuck with a credo that began in Dublin nearly 20 years ago.

“We’re always heading in the same direction,” says The Edge. “We simply want to create music that is going to mean everything to us, music to blow our minds. There’s no strict approach in how to do that. Long ago, we realized that if you stick to strict approaches, you end up with repetitive sounding records. So, part of what drives us forward as a band is finding new approaches and new ideas all the time.”

The evolution of U2 as a recording and touring act has been constant. The severe left turn hit its traditional audience in 1991 with Achtung Baby. Zooropa continued the trip, Pop is as fresh and consistent as anything the group has committed to tape.

“For us, there’s no such thing as classifications in music,” says The Edge……it’s good or bad. If it’s great, then it’s great for a reason. We’re interested in what makes music great. We want it. We’re quite greedy in that respect, we’re not prepared to stay within our small area of music. We want to keep moving, we don’t want to get tied down.”

Twelve hours later, on the 23rd floor of Sao Paulo’s Renaissance Hotel, Bono saunters in. These day it appears as if Bono has been styled by Senor Castro, apart from the silver wrap-around shades. (Fidel wouldn’t be caught dead in those). For Bono, they’re now almost de rigeur.

Despite the plush interior, outside Sao Paulo resembles a scene from Blade Runner. Fuelled by South American cocktails, it’s fair to say Bono’s been enjoying his day off. Now, even more so than Bob Dylan, Bono has become rock’s foremost chameleon. One year he’s out for a sainthood, the next he’s playing the devil.

His private moments tend to offer a certain humility. But he’s Irish, so the humility may occasionally be followed by a sly grin-a wink from under the army hat.

Bono, in Sao Paulo in 1998, is a long way from Paul Hewson who started out singing Peter Frampton’s Show Me The Way in a Dublin classroom, with the other members of U2 behind him, more than two decades ago.

“Paul is dead, Paul is dead,” Bono says in mock reference to 1967 and the well known Sgt. Pepper theme. “It’s not who you’re born, it’s who you decide to be,” he says of the way he’s changed. “I was born into a family, in a situation where being average was the highest achievement and I guess I’ve lived up to that.”

“My father, whom I’m close to now and I love, taught me not to drink. He taught me not to have big ideas. It’s the Boy Named Sue situation. I owe him for that. That’s where the design of who I was going to be came from. I don’t believe in average in the end. I don’t believe anyone is. I tell you what, being a pop star is low on the list next to nurse, mother, firemen, whatever. It’s low, low, low on the list. But having a sense of something else and pursuing it was not taught to me, the opposite was.”

Lately, Bono has been enjoying playing with his new Popmart TV set. The enormity of Popmart seems a logical procession to the singer. And to U2’s credit, they and the fans have built the visual spectacle. Unlike the Rolling Stones and others, you won’t see Popmart sponsored by a phone company or running shoes.

“ZooTV was a bit smartarse,” he says, “and a bit conceptual. With Popmart we just want to get to the joy of things. In our head, ZooTV was a sci-fi gospel show.”

“Popmart feels good to me. It’s brightly coloured, where a lot of things now are done with more muted tones. I do believe in it. It’s cost us a fortune. It even costs the people who come see us a fortune. We’ve no sponsor. We’re stick our fucking arse out of the window but we’re coming off okay. Just ‘okay’ is all we need. I’m proud, because I think it’s fresh.”

To Bono, presenting an album like Pop in this type of large arena is a logical marriage. “If the word ‘pop’ means anything, it means ‘in the moment’. That’s it. That’s what we’re about. With Pop, it was us saying here we are living in a time where ephemera is everything, glossy magazines are everything, fun is the order of the day. We wanted to see what else is going on, while enjoying right now. There’s deeper questions in the record and the show, but we’ve made it look completely fresh.”

The night is starting to disappear. There are planes to catch. The U2 boys are spreading the Pop word globally. Bono reaches into his travel bag and produces a bottle of the local firewater. “I bought it for you,” he says as I examine the contents. “Thirty-six hours on a plane back to Australia-you’re going to fucking need it.”

Win U2 tickets What’s On has five double tickets to give away to the U2 Popmart concert at the ANZ Stadium. To be in the draw, phone 005568213 by midnight February 15. Winners will be notified by telephone on February 16. Calls are charge at the Broadsystem rate of 50cents a minute. Mobiles and public phones are higher.

The Book Sings

ribe Generation, March 1999

by Rita Ferrauto

A famous writer of exotic origins writes a book and falls under the curse of a group of blood-thirst integralists. Forced to hide because his life is in danger, he finds hospitality with the most famous rockstar of the planet. >From whome he gets the inspiration for a novel set in the world of rock music. And the popular rockstar, in return, decides to draw inspiration from this novel to compose a song, whose lyrics are taken from the novel…

Does it sound like total delirium? And yet it’s the pure reality. The writer is the Anglo-Indian Salman Rushdie, who became to say the least precious because of his novel “The Satanic Verses”. Since then his life is worth two million pounds: such is the price put on his head by the ayatollah Khomeini, outraged by the alleged offenses to Allah contained in the book. It doesn’t matter that the reward has been recently revoked: the most orthodox followers of Islam still want to cut off Rushdie’s head and gain divine blessing and the abundant reward. Because, they say, only Khomeini could cancel the curse. And, since he died some time ago and carefully avoided commmittiing this gesture of clemency, the fact that his successor has revoked the penalty counts nothing… So Rushdie has been living for years surrounded by bodyguards, his wife dumped him and his refuges are secret to all.

Here enters the scene the famous rockstar. Who is none other than Bono from U2. The band had already hosted Rushdie on the stage of the Wembley Stadium in 1993, during the Zooropa Tour. Now it seems instead that for a long time Rushdie has lived in the ‘summer house’ (in fact a four-roomed house) of Bono’s property in Kilkenny [probably a mistake for Killiney, Dublin]. The Edge denies all: “it must have been only a couple of weekends…”.

However, due to the long friendship wiht the rockstar, Rushdie has written a book, “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”, which, as he explains, “deals with rock’n’roll and earthquakes. And includes lyrics for many songs, so that I was actually thinking of asking popular rock musicians to perform them, to make them alive”. Said and done: U2 have put to music one of them, with the lyrics saying “all my life I have adored her: her golden voice, the beat of her beauty, the sensations she gives me, even the ground beneath her feet…”. The song will be released, even if it is not yet known if it will be attached to the book (a real publishing event!), through the Internet or as a bonus track in the second volume of the U2’s Greatest hits.

The circle is however closed: Bono inspires a novel and then he gets inspiration from that for a song… Not bad, for a band that is definitely out of the ordinary. And if anyone has any doubts on Rushdie’s musical competence, you should know that the writer has written musical reviews on London newspapers for years, and therefore he knows how to handle rock music. Indeed, as he says, “the easiest thing has been to invent the career of a rockstar and his hits, and write them. You could really make a CD out of thet! Even if rockstars should never take writers on stage with them: otherwise they will end up writing novels too!”.

For now, however, this doesn’t seem the fate of Bono & co. Indeed, the band has recently created their own second record label (the first, Mother Records, only releases singles). It’s called Kitchen and is a dance label. But why would a superfamous band have to create their own label? Malevolent rumours speak of problems with taxes, megalomania, generous desire to fix friends up with a job. More simply, The Edge explains it this way: “What would you do if you were in a superband who makes a lot of money? You’d keep alive, tuned in on what is happening, and this is the best way for us to do it. We don’t go round buying thousands of interesting singles. More simply, with our label we publish what catches our attention”.

The fact it is a dance label may amaze some (whom the elctronic turn of the latest album, “Pop”, certainly annoyed). But, recalls Bono, “in 1970 the club culture was the professed enemy of rock. Music for sissies, and we are machos. I had bought a record, titled ‘Love Machine’, and I was ashamed to say it, because it was the period of punk rock, music for males with full hormones. Then it happens that growing up you realise that the music you listened to as a kid seems all wrong and most of all so boring. While the music that back then seemed vulgar to you now stands the test of time, and never mind all those music critics who shooted shit on the Bee Gees… We for instance have understood what rhythm really was only when we went on tour with BB King, we discovered it in R&B;, and only in 1980. While everybody in London was stuffing themselves with ecstasy in a full summer of love, we were in Memphis, with the brass section of Muscle Shoals. Then it happens that our friend, and famous dj, Paul Oakenfold, tells us that during raves people at the end always play our ‘With or Without You’, beacuse it is ecstatic music”.

The Edge goes on: “Dance had made us jealous. Because being in a rock’n’roll band is wonderful but somehow limiting. Dance gives you many more possibilities.” According to Bono, its strength lies in the fact that “dance is much more democratic than rock, it is something that has to do with the idea of community. Look at rappers, for instance, they’re great at self-promotion, at creating a network. Black music wants to communicate, shout, go out full volume and massively. Rappers overdo it when they load themselves with gold chains or blab about the dimension of their penis, but they have the sense and value of their own music. Look at Lauryn Hill, her album marks the definitive rhythm of these latest years. She’s really a musician with balls. We have been labelled for years as the white niggers, ok, we’ll be black in this sense!”. No fear, however. In spite of these claims and the creation of the dance label, we won’t expect sensational betrayals. As Bono says, “we have something that dance music will never have, because we male music out of the ordinary. Sure, we could be like archeologists digging in search of rare grooves… But why do it, when we have Larry who creates rhtyhms like no one else? And a bass player like Adam, the only bass player you really miss when he’s not playing with you… >From dance music we have learnt the value of what we’re doing. And deep down we’re a rock band!

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is a multi-track capable guitar/bass Guitar program. You can tab up to 8 tracks (7 instruments of your choice, 1 reserved for drums), and import MIDI files to be tabbed. It will also play back the song you’re trying to learn in MIDI format. This program is for Windows 95. To find out more, or to download a trial copy, visit Please let me know if you can tab out any songs for the U2 Zone with this program.


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Cartoon World
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Everlasting Love
Fortunate Son
Hallejuah, Here She Comes
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Holy Joe
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
J. Swallow
Lady With The Spinning Head
Luminous Times
Paint It Black
Race Against Time
Satellite of Love
Slow Dancing
Spanish Eyes
The Sweetest Thing
The Fool
Things To Make And Do
Treasure (Whatever happened to Pete The Chop)
Unchained Melody
Walk To The Water
Where Did It All Go Wrong?


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